*In Northern Italy aperitif and supper happily meet in Merenda Sinóira

Seven shades of green, scents, silence. The muted sounds of peasant life travel from hill top to hill top, the view opens out 360°. Vine leaves brush my cheeks and budding grape bunches peek behind them. Just a moment ago I was in a colorfoul flower garden of roses, lavender, tiny fuchsias. But here in the vinyard is the gritty earth that offsets the green plants. I could sit here for hours taking in the view. This is the right sensation, the perfect moment to gather myself and welcome my guests. Guide them through a sensorial experience in the privilege of this setting.

Synesthesia: my eyes breathe, my nose listens as I give myself over to my senses with abandon, let them envelop me. Shortly my guests will do the same.

A couple of hours later all is quiet again. With girlfriends old and new we watch as the sun sets, incredible wine in the goblets in our hands. What a treat the taste of the Piedmontese Merenda Sinóira was.

I'm at peace with myself, I'm proud. I walked my guests on a path of discovery :a different perspective, a new emotion, a novel sensation. Whether it was a moment of bliss, an hour… or a whole evening, what matters, what fills me with joy is their experience of well being.

I had fun. Sharing my knowledge was a learning experience. It always is. My guests were a mi of professionals and journalists. They were fun and curious, eager to experience something new. They went away peaceful, amused, reflective. And they made some nice comments, so I give them the floor…

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