This project started and grew among loved friends and family, in lots of loved places; my soulplaces of when I was both a child and grown up, and the soulplaces still to be discovered. These are also places where I found new friends and where I understood that making myself a better person and making my life better doesn't have to be linked to age.I discovered with joy that some things that we have experienced can help us to feel good. With my "multitasking experience" I helped some persons to feel better and others to organize trips as well as parties; I put people in contact who then made interesting things together. I suggested enjoyable solutions that brought to new self discover, always remembering that lightness is the best companion for in-depth self knowledge.

I was reminded that healthy fun and amusement heal wounds, because they are born where the others have their roots, in the heart. I understood that simply changing the point of view from where we look at the world can make us feel better, can deepen important subjects but also can make them lighter with a smile or a laughter. And I learned that having fun "with art" can enrich our own life with new experiences , emotions, knowledge.

I wish you can recognize yourself in those original ideas, so to contribute to make this page a place for exchanging ideas, suggestions and experiences.

What do you think about this starting point?


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