workshop for kids

Curriculum and web protection
Via Lamarmora 31, Turin,
september 13th 2018, 16.30-19  

max. 12 participants

How do you introduce yourself for an internship or a job? what does it mean nowadays to "send " a curriculum vitae?

We talk about curriculum to suggest to the kids how to find, enhahnce and present their skills to introduce themselves n the job market, starting from internship.

The hints about web reputation are the answer to the actual need of build from the beginning   a coherent and useful "social profile`" 

This workshop is part of a wider project targeted at kids (15-18 years old) who feel the need to get to know themselves better, and to learn the right skills in order to interact with the ongoing changes that are occurring so quickly in our society. The project was born to enable young people to acquire self-confidence and turn it into a dialogue with the world, to live at the best the present, while looking at the future.

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meditating while tasting


Wine meditation

Wine meditation with aperitivo 


september 14th, 18-20

max 12 participants

Wine meditation in the winery and in the cantine of Marchesi Incisa della Rocchetta Wines

Rocchetta Tanaro, Monferrato

15th and 16th september , 3 hours and half.

max 12 participants

You can book a place for a meal after the meditation

We use wine not only for the pleasure it gives us, but also to get a better understanding of our senses and, therefore, of ourselves. Our proposal is to put together the pleasure of the palate (and the other senses as well) with the pleasure of the soul.

We follow a method based on traditional techniques and on 20 years experience, to re-discover taste as the first criteria to nourish ourselves.

Training our five senses with meditation and concentration techniques we learn how to taste wine with a new awareness. 

We will go through a cultural, technical  and meditational path which will result in unexpected and emotional experiences.

This is what we do. We use wine to reach, rediscover, and intensify our senses, and to get to know and understand ourselves better.

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date with fashion 

Milano Fashion Week

19th to 25th september 2018

The detailed organization of the events is bespoken

A fantastic surprise invitation.

An unimaginable party. Something that will make you feel like a star. A dream, a possible insanity, something that you deserve.

This is the gift that we have prepared for you.

Milan is the place, the most international Italian city, the kingdom of fashion and design, the “Italian New York”.

The circumstance is the female spring/summer 2019 collections fashion shows, when Milan becomes the world capital of fashion.

It’s a double surprise:

An invitation to one or more fashion shows... And an invitation to one or more  exclusive parties.

Both fashion shows and parties are “locked down” and it is almost impossible to access them.

Which fashion show, whose designer and which party? You will find out only at the very last moment.  Like a blind date.

Do you want to know which dress code is appropriate? “Happy eyes”.

This is the only requirement to get this “unexpected gift”.

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